Proud Sponsors of the Eva Vision Awards

EVA Awards, Sponsor Signature 2014Let’s face it, running a business is never easy. From long hours to seemingly impossible tasks a single day can feel like a lot of hard work. This is especially true if you are a young female business owner.

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Add all the usual business issues to a busy personal life and you have, at times, an almost seemingly impossible mountain to climb. Not only do many young female business owners choose to take on this challenge but many succeed.

That is why we are proud sponsors of the Young Entrepreneur at the Eva Vision Awards.

Ascroft Whiteside in Blackpool Sponser Young Entrepreneur of the Year

“Eva, The Enterprise Vision Awards have been created to specifically recognise those ladies in The North West who are inspiring others by successfully running their own businesses or are at the forefront of their profession.” Enterprise Vision Awards

Many of us aspire for improved equality within the UK but there is still a journey to achieving this. Recent statistics show the median hourly earnings of full-time men in 2013 were £13.60 compared with £12.24 for women.

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Even though women make up 51% of the population in the UK there are only 17% of women directors in FTSE 100 companies (March 2013). Within FTSE 250 companies this figure falls to 13%.

EVA programme 2014
It is for these reasons that we believe it is extremely important to celebrate the achievements of young entrepreneurial women within the North West. It is important to recognise their success, their determination to pull their business through economic hardship and to showcase their example to future business leaders.

“Taking the leap into Enterprise can be a daunting prospect for many ladies and we would like to recognise those bright young sparks that have successfully established a business from an early age. This category is open to ladies from 20 to 35 years of age. So if you started your business between this age bracket we want to hear from you.” Enterprise Vision Awards – Young Entrepreneur

EVA Awards, Sponsor Signature 2014The nomination process has now opened so please nominate yourself or anyone you know that qualifies for this award.


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